Environment Control

In projects dealing with evaluation of environmental impact, which are characterized by multidisciplinarity and involve a considerable number of specialists in several fields, Montebello can resource to high-level permanent consultants, in addition to its fixed staff. This is a guarantee to an ample systemic approach to meet different needs in the area:
  • Environmental impact studies;
  • Environmental impact reports;
  • Specification and management of air, water, soil, vegetation, and biologic indicators monitoring programs;
  • Consultancy in institutional and legal aspects;
  • Preparation of environment control guiding plans.
Montebello possesses know-how to answer to the most recent governmental actions in the area of protection and control of environment quality, in special the requirement expressed in Resolution #001 by CONAMA – National Environment Council, – which refers to the presentation of an Environmental Impact Report (RIMA) as pre-condition for the licensing of activities and enterprises that will be using environmental resources.

Solid residues

Services offered by Montebello for the planning and management of solid residues include:
  • Preparation of guide plans for cities, airports, and regions;
  • Design of collection, transportation and discarding systems;
  • Residue characterization studies: identification, quantification; lixiviation and solubility tests;
  • Studies on technical and economic viability for the recycling of industrial residue;
  • Projects of sanitary landfills;
  • Projects of industrial landfills for final disposition of hazardous residues.
Resumé of Environment Control jobs performed